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Trying to do this post at work while its busy so forgive any errors, etc...

Left the docks on 5-9 with only 26 on board. Several guys I knew were on board so that was also a plus. Capt said he hadnt had much luck in the RedHawk area and wanted to head toward Boomvang since he hadnt been there yet this year, then come back inshore to the East Breaks area for bottom fishing. Of course I really didnt know where we were any of the time anyway except for what the crew said.

We made bait at a few rigs on the way out plus the deckhands had a bunch of piggies they castnetted at the docks. Stopped at a few bottom spots on the way out and caught most of the boats red snapper limit and beeliners. I wanted to save energy so i fished the second spot and fished a little higher up in the water and caught 6 beeliners on pieces of squid and double drop leaders. I noticed the Capt fishing higher up in the column with a 4 drop leader and he was getting quad beeliners on almost every drop. After that we packed up and headed to Boomvang. We fished for an hour or two and caught just a few blackfin. We picked up and rode about 1.5 hours to Hoover. There knife and diamond jigs brought up a bunch of blackfin with a couple of small yellows mixed in. Several guys incl myself casted poppers for a while and I saw one yellow caught on top that went 40lbs or so but was a fighter and took the angler from the stern to the bow. Very early in the morning another angler was using a knife jig and a yellowfin about 80lbs took it really close the boat. He was fishing next to me and i was watching him jig and I saw the fish and as soon as i said "a big fish is going....." it was dragging him down to the stern. He landed it a few minutes later. He was using an Accurate twin drag conv reel on a jigging rod. At daybreak a good topwater bite started and I only saw blackfin landed on top.

The following day we went to a rig for AJ's. One of the guys said it was Sunrise. We started catching AJ's instantly on live bait and chunks. My friend Tufan was harnessed to a Penn 50 2spd on a roller rod and the two AJ's he hooked didnt stand a chance. The bigger one was in the upper 50s and it did wear him out a little. My other buddy JohnR. handed me Avet LX 2sp/Trevala combo that was attached to bucktail jig with a large ****** off AJ on it. I had my belt on so i went to work. Those things are murder on the arms. Alot of AJ's were landed and a big shark that was hooked also received three .40cal rounds at that spot. We moved on to a bottom spot and since I had some beeliners and needed two days worth of snappers I put a large bottom single rig with a 10/0 J hook on my AVET PRO 30. With very large chunks I dropped all the way to the bottom. The little ones would peck at the bait and then a big one would come and grab it. I caught 4 decent snapper on 6 drops like this. A large hammerhead and a wahoo were seen at this spot but they wouldnt take the freelined live baits. We left in the bottom spots in time to reach Hoover at 9pm. When we arrived a guy caught a small yellowfin right away on a chunk. Thought it was going to be good but just a few blackfin on iron and thats it. We moved to a floater near Boomvang. I think the name was Oceanmaster or something like that. The deckahnd Josh and I spot a big Yellowfin come out from under the boat when putting out chunk lines and in 10 minutes a fellow casting poppers is hooked to another 80lb yellowfin on a Thunnus spinner and he lands it in like 20 minutes. The guy collapses before anyone could give him a high five it was great. I tried topwater for a little while but only caught blackfin on top but it was still fun. It started to rain about 4am and i went to sleep. The next morning some large groupers and a 7ft long eel were caught at a rig on the way in. Another fisherman told me it was the Cerveza rig.

All in all I had alot of fun and that was the main thing. The other anglers were very friendly and helpful. Tangles were not that big of a deal with only 26 on board. I do think that if people would jig with more drag the fish control would be alot better. Maybe thats why my arms are so sore though.

PICS to follow...
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