big e 30 hr 6-19,20-2008

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    well we are still recovering from a overnighter on the big e and that boat will spoil ya. it was a hot one with no wind what so ever out there, it was glass conditions. we started off the day catching bait, then we went out and caught our boat limit of snapper and beliners, with a few aj and grouper in the mix. about 700 we headed out to bomvang, we caught some footballs there but nothing great. so we headed out to nansen and there was the big boys hanging around. my buddy derek hooked into a 150 lb class yellowfin on a frenzy flying fish and fought that fish for about a hour. they got it up to the surface once and all the deckhands were hollering about having a sickle on. we ended up loosing the fish he pulled the hook. i think he ruied that 9500 that reel as smoking. the yellowfin were hiting on live piggys. they were also huge baitballs of hardtails out there. i felined a couple out and only caught big blackfin on then. there were several 100+ lbs tuna chasing angry poppers but they wouldnt take them. well we are all tired and still cleaning fish. final count was 12 blackfin to 32 lbs 12 golden snapper, 13 beliners and one wahoo...... dereks unkle donnie was jigging with a diamond jig and got hit hard, he fights this fish for a while and when we first see it me and derek look at each other and cant believe our eyes. a very nice wahoo at that. donnies first tuna trip and that boy catches a 5 ft wahoo.
    man what a trip, cant wait till the next one

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  2. DeepBlueGulf

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    Thanks for the awesome report! Nice skinny! on a diamond jig at that!

    With all the reports of 100lb plus fish, I may have to leave my light gear at home and chunk with a 30 or 50 SDS.

    Can't wait for July 4th weekend.

    Tom - DBG

  3. Bellyups

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    Thanks for posting and looks like a great trip. Man, talk about about flat seas too!!!!
  4. Mitchw123456

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    glad to see yall found some fish Chad.

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    Nice report...