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BFT night drifting under rigs Texas does a full moon help?

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I fish the New Buccaneer and we drift at night near the big rigs for BLKFT some YFT.

Since the tuna come up and feed chasing food under a full moon does that matter since the rigs supply light.

Would the rig concentrate the fish on dark nights?

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I think what matters is what bait is around that they are feeding on. If they are feeding deep it doesn’t seem to matter what moon phase it is...

If they are feeding on flyers then pop away...
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Full moon is my least favorite time of the month to fish. I’ll plan around it if possible. That being said I’m headed out next Wednesday for three days of deep dropping on the full moon lol. Glutton for punishment.
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If you can fish anytime you want, around the moon phases , then,l pl maybe avoid full moons ..
However, I've seen exceptional fishing on full moonshine.
Scuba has a point , it's all about the bait.
in my very limited time, i have noticed the feeding fish are more dependent on the available forage. they CAN use the lights of the moon or rigs if they are surface feeding... and it's exceptional when that happens.
~after 200' deep even bright sunlight darkens out from what I have read. So i think it more so depends on currents and forage, rather than moon phase. and this is strictly for offshore fishing. inshore depends on tides/moon, from my understanding.

first thing I do offshore is I try to look in the water and figure out what the fish are feeding on when on a head boat. that is my first inclination on what I "should" be trying to mimic. I resort to chunking once I exhaust myself or just cant get bit on lures. I absolutely hate chunking, but it is highly effective at times.
Pelagics feeding patterns change on a full moon. It could be feast or famine. If you do plan to fish on a full moon, I would suggest the smallest bait possible whether it is natural or artificial. In my experiences, the bite is generally slower but much better fish.
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