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Discussion in 'South of the Border' started by knock down, May 9, 2009.

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    New to the Board so first off Hello To all ! I love all aspects of Sportfishing all though my favorite is Offshore fishing & Jigging . Hopefully some one can answer a question for me. I am thinkin of going to Cabo (1st timer ) I would love to catch some Striped Marlin . What is Peak season for them?
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    Nov at the gordo bank

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    He is right. They are a winter affair.
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    Welcome to 360.
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    Thank you , jaredchasteen , Pope & feeder . Really helps when you don't have a clue , like myself in this case . Just curious as to how the game is played ( Live Bait , Trolling etc ) . One more question . how far in advance is needed to get a charter booked during that time frame? Thanks again all for your help !

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    You don't need any advance reservation as there are tons of charter boats there unles you want to fish with a particular Capt.
    It not a boat, but a rental car which you need a reservation in advance.
    The taxi rate is rediculous in Cabo and it is a good idea to rent a car. I had to rent a car without any reservation and they had all manual, but they foreced me to get a manual car though I said I couldn't run a manual car. They insisted it took only 5 minutes to learn how to run a manual car.
    I managed to run the car, but it took much more than 5 minutes to learn it on the road. :)
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    Nov-Feb. I fished last January with Picante and they were great. Pisces is also a good one. We caught 26 striped marlin in 2 days of fishing (lost many more). All the fish were caught by casting live mackerel to marlin busting mackerel on the surface and sight casting to fish. Awesome trip that I would recommend to anyone. I did talk to some guys who fished with a few boats recommended by the hotel and they didn't do very well...some of them just dragged dead mackerel. I would definitely recommend booking with Picante.