Best Tactic for YFT on GPB?

Discussion in 'Charter Boat & Party Boat' started by Mpro2, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Illy

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    both trips I went on I got a YF on a jig. The first trip it was a small one but this last trip it was 60# after being gutted. The guy next to me got a nice YF on a jig also
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  2. scubaarchery

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    I really recommend having the ability to fish topwater (poppers, swimbaits, flying fish) jigging (different sizes and colors) and chunking (plain old circle hook). You never know what they want but if you don’t have it, it’s hard to catch them! I tried to indicate that in the beginners guide thread!

  3. Brian10

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    On the one trip I went, there were quite a few guys casting top waters. I wasn't confident on casting with that many people around, so I was jigging most of the night. I did pretty well on the blackfin, but did not hook up to any yellowfin. I'm on the 56 hour coming up in a few weeks, so will try out both chunking and casting this time.
  4. redgarvey

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    Is overhead casting allowed on these trips?

    Is the 'bow' primary casting area for anglers?
  5. day0ne

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  6. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    If you can manage to cast underhanded at the stern, you might be somewhat successful. I tried it and did okay on distance. But yeah, the bow is the place to be. Just always look behind before you cast.
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  7. Capt.matt

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    Don’t forget about the most overlooked casting spot... right at the stern where you can use the void between the cats to sidearm/underhand cast just as far as overhand. When all my tackle was in good working order I always would carry a shorter casting setup for casting from midship when the bow was crowded.
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  8. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    Spots #58 and #43 are also good depending on if you are a right or left handed caster...the stern corners.
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  9. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have a crazy idea here....I am considering buying some clear drying glow paint to put on one of my least favorite Halco's. I know how they love jigs that glow, so why not a Halco? It would not change the appearance of it until you charge it with a light at night. Thoughts please, fire away!
  10. moranmd

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    My general thought is that glow jigs mimic squid since many species are phosphorescent. Halcos mimic fish which do not, so unlikely to help and could hurt if it looks "strange" to the tuna. But hey, worth a try and you might discover something!
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  11. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I thought about that too, but I may go ahead and sacrifice one to see what happens. I have a Yellowfin colored one that doesn't get much attention. Thanks
  12. Dakim

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    Tried it, your gonna have to clear coat the paint. Otherwise the paint starts to flake off since it’s water based.
  13. phuongph

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    I think it may work with tuna because it's very effective with Lake Michigan's Salmons. However, painting is a lot of work with multiple coats and proxy protection. You can make it easier by using Glow In the Dark Tape.
  14. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    I thought about the tape, but it looks like it would cover up the base cover of the lure, but may not be a bad thing. The paint that I am referring to is actually a powder that you mix with a clear coat sealer. It goes on clear, and dries clear, leaving on the original color of the lure exposed.
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  15. matawest

    matawest Well-Known Member

    Mix glow powder with 5 minute epoxy. I made a few they were quite bright. Didn't notice any difference in the bite, but they were easy to fish with in the dark!
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  16. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    Sounds good....I may even try it on some diamond jigs.
  17. Mofish

    Mofish New Member

    Just did this on the last GPB 56hr. Used glow powder in polyurethane. worked ok but didn't seem to make a bite difference. Good news is I still have it so maybe cudas don't like it! :)
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  18. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    Man, if it scares the Cudas away, then I'm all for it!
  19. Texas Rodsmith

    Texas Rodsmith Active Member

    I was considering taking some live pinfish with me on my trips in April and May. What will the boat let you bring aboard, to keep them in?
  20. jiggingnut

    jiggingnut Junior member

    They have a community live bait well on honor system. So catch as much pinfish as you can.