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  1. TeamOso

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    hey i know there is a lot of this kind of asking going on now, but i just wanted to know some of yalls opinions as to the best place in mexico to go fishing on a private boat for sails, marlin, dolphin, and tuna. my dads not much of a fisherman but he has entertained this idea so im trying to convince him to shell out the money for a trip that me and him could take. is mexico the best option for this? so basically whats the best place, time, and boat to take if you had your choice but also knowing that money doesnt grow in my dad's backyard.:D

  2. gman

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    hands down PV especially during august or October, November. There are sails everywhere inshore with as many big Mahi as you can reel in and offshore along the Corbentina rocks and teh banks blues, blacks and huge tuna wait to give you pain

    My favorite place to fish by far other than the east coast

  3. Argo

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    puerto vallarta is also rather cheap to fly into and to stay at, charters can be had for well under 1000 a day.