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Best Oil and Grease

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What oil do you guys run in your diesel or gasers?

What grease do you run in your bearings and such..

Mobil 1 syn - Honda and Toyota

Amsoil hd syn 10w-40- 91 cummins 5.9l

Amsoil dominator syn grease - boat and RV

oil change is bout 150.00 bucks in my diesel :)'... Chit!
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O'reilly has Rotella on sale San. 1gal for 23.00. I'm gonna pick up 13qts of Syn tomorrow for my next oil change.

Amsoil is awesome but at 12.89 per qt they can have it..

I knew a few dirt trackers and they ran 1/8mile and they ONLY used royal purple :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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