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Best Oil and Grease

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What oil do you guys run in your diesel or gasers?

What grease do you run in your bearings and such..

Mobil 1 syn - Honda and Toyota

Amsoil hd syn 10w-40- 91 cummins 5.9l

Amsoil dominator syn grease - boat and RV

oil change is bout 150.00 bucks in my diesel :)'... Chit!
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I drag race a 1970Mach1 that has a full chassis,roll cage ang 33x15x19 tires with a solid roller cam and trans brake and every racer I know uses Valvoline Z1R 10W30.
Brad Penn 20-50 for forced induction powerplants ie. turbo or super charge.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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