Best Moon Phase for Tuna

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by kenner21, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. kenner21

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    I have a friend that will be making the 2009 schedule for a Tuna charter boat. He'd like to consider as many varibles as possible when making the schedule and we'd like to find out your thoughts on which moon phase is the very best for long range trips out of freeport.

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  3. kenner21

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    That was my line of thinking, less rotary current for day fishing and plus drawing the flyers to the floaters for night time fishing. How far on either side of the new moon would be considered "prime"

  4. Muddskipper

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    A 1/4 to no moon has always worked best for me......

    But if the seas are flat, just get out there....something will bite
  5. gimmedeal

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    Check the phase for the July 3-6 trip. Oh yeah!

  6. kenner21

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    I'd love to be on that Trip..
  7. Uncle Russ

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    I have heard so many different formula for what is best. But if new moon is best, then Fred is correct in saying "Oh yeah." New moon on the 3'rd to waxing crescent on the 6'th. I did see that the folks who run the Shogun (San Diego?) thinks that tuna come to the surface more during the new moon.

  8. ALW

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    I fish the new moon trips. They are always good.
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    I was told by a Venice capt when I booked that when the moon is full the tuna will still bite, it is just a midday bite.
  10. Uncle Russ

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    I was just talking to the new captain of the Big E (not sure what he said his name was as I am a little hard of hearing--make that damned near deaf-) I had called him to make sure that the footprint of the POS milk crate was acceptable for the upper deck, and while I had him on the phone, I asked what he thought the best moon phase for tuna was--while realizing he probably would not want to bad-mouth any particular time. But he said he had been running trips with Captain Frank for a long time and sometimes you caught fish during any moon phase and sometimes you didn't.

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    Don't worry too much about the moon. Worry more about the wind and drift speed. Too windy, the worse the tuna fishing--this is almost for sure. I never want to go if it is windy.

    New moon is said to usually be best when all other factors are equal.
  12. Uncle Russ

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    If a lot of wind is harmful to the fishing, maybe I ought to stay home. :)
  13. MrBill

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    Tuna fishing is funny. You never know when they will get all excited and feed.
    The best and longest bite I ever witnessed was the day before a full moon. The wind was also blowing around 25-30 knots.

    You also will get surprised during the months of July-Sept. They will roam all over the gulf looking for food. I firmly believe that the shrimping season brings them inshore. The scent from all the dragging of the nets and culling of catches travels a long way in the currents. You might catch a 150# tuna in 200' of water during daylight hours. It's happened to me and many other people. Always take at least two heavy outfits when fishing inshore waters during those months. A school of YF's just might show up out of the blue.
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    When I'm at work is when you should be fishing, They always bite harder and longer while I am just about to clock-in and they slow down right when I'm about to grab a bait and toss it out, But the moon cycle is not as influencing on a predator like a tuna,(Seabass are heavily influenced, sight fish are, sniffers aren't, like sharks) they are opportunistic feeders, they just go where the feel like going, and they know when I'm working or fishing it seems.
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    Think of it in terms of light availability.. during a Full Moon there is abundant light to stimulate the food chain so the Bait fish and Tuna tend to be more scattered thruought the water column.

    On a New Moon... artificial lights on the Rigs and your Boat Lights keep baitfish closer to the surface and concentrated in a smaller area. Therefore you have a better chance at Topwater bite and usually bigger fish on the Darker nights.