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    used both improved clinch knot and non slip loop knot for chunking for tuna. I was tying 60 and 80 pound flour. to 5/0 mutu hooks didnt have any failure with any of the knots but it was a pain in the butt to get them to tighten. Is there an easier knot to tie or should I just suck it up and stop being a sissy. Thanks for any info. YFT bite is going off by the way in the GOM near floaters.
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    Double jam knot a.k.a double San Diego jam knot is eassy to tie and very strong, JMO.

    Pictures showed are tie with single line, to make double San Diego knot just double your line and tie the same way as showed in the pictures.

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    Hey ashton!

    If the knots you used work and didn't fail, I'd say stick with them!

    When I'm on trips, one of the first things I do on the boat is create a "knot-testing" rig close to my tackle station.

    You can tie a piece of 200# mono around a solid, stationary part of the boat and then I add a metal ring (like a 3" ring from a keychain) to tighten and test my knots before I use them.

    It really helps me sinch down my knot, the Trilene, to avoid knot slippage.
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    . . . a pain in the butt to get them to tighten. . . ..
    Use the SD Jam and wet the line generously.
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