Best blank for ATD 6?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by rhale, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. rhale

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    I am new to rod building and I am having trouble picking a blank to mach up good with my new Accurate ATD 6. I will be using the set up for chunking YFT only and I fish on my boat only, not party boats.
    From what I have read here it seems like Calstar and Seeker are some of the best choises and I hope that someone here can help me narrow it down.
    I was looking at maybe the Calstar Babyboomer? Would this be a good choise?
  2. Minnow

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    Sorry I moved your post.

    How many pound line do you planning to fish the ATD6?

    Calstar GF760L will be a good choice for 50lb, GF-760M will be a good choice for 60 or lite 80lb.

    Seeker S6455H or HX are good 50 to 60 lb blanks.

    You migh want to consider GUSA, and Kencor blanks.

  3. rhale

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    I will be using 80# JB hollow. I am wanting the finished rod to be no longer than 6', and its for stand up only. Thanks
  4. Sea Crappie

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    If you have outboards, I'd say go with a 6 ft. rod. If you have inboards (and no monster swim platform) go with 5 to 5.5 ft. rods.

    The baby boomer is a great blank, but it is 100% glass. If you haven't had a chance to pull on a composite blank like a Graphiter, give it a try you might find that you like the feel of it. Another consideration is the composite blanks are lighter and generally have a smaller diameter butt than glass rods, so they might make a more balanced outfit to your ATD 6.

    Some composite blanks to look at are 760M, GF7455H and the GF755H.

    For a traditional glass blank, the baby boomer is tought to beat, and if you put a slick butt on it, this combo would make a sweet 'hoo trolling setup.

    BTW, why the 80 hollow? Have you considered using solid 80 backing and maybe use the HC for the last 100 yards? Would add alot of line capacity and save some jack.
  5. txseadog

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    The 760L and 760M are great suggestions. If you wanted a composite blank with a more moderate action look at the Seeker cstf60xh for 60# line (20# of drag) or the xxh if you going to fish 80 with 25# of drag.

    Another glass blank to consider is the 6460xh from both calstar and seeker.
  6. newman

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    Even though you are looking for a chunking setup for your ADT 6 you should still consider a jigging rod rated for 400-600 grams. The reason is that unless you have a 100yd topshot there is little give and a carbon jigging rod will help allow for the lack of strech but have plenty of backbone to get the job done.

    Also a consideration is the hollow spectra will hold air and cause the hook bait to float unnaturally JMHO.