Best baits and colors for wahoo GOM

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by tunacrazy, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. tunacrazy

    tunacrazy Senior Member

    I know some of the baits and colors the use in the Baja waters for wahoo but have not been around anyone fishing for them in GOM. Thanks
  2. The Great PF

    The Great PF Senior Member

    We have trolled for wahoo with Reel Peace out of Venice, and the two colors that we primarily used were bronze and VERY hot pink. Both seemed to work equally well.

  3. Fishhead56

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    Early spring @ Garden Banks
    Maradauer style, Purple, Brown\silver...Dark lure
    Strech Mann style, Pink , Mahi
    Island\Witch style, Blue\White, Pink, Red\Black

    Other recomendations....What they bit yesterday..:eek:

    What works in the Baja?

  4. tunacrazy

    tunacrazy Senior Member

    ON the long range trips they pull maradauer style bait to keep other fish other than wahoo off the baits. but orange/black purple/black are the two main colors. Others work from time to time but those are the best bet.
  5. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member

    for surface trolling think big.......... the-bigger-the-better

    and make it ORANGE and YELLOW!

    orange yellow
    orange yellow black
    orange yellow green
    orange yellow red
    orange yellow green red
    orange yellow chartreuse
    bleeding dorado
    orange/yellow orange/yellow orange/yellow!
    FLAME ORANGE/YELLOW! (and a hint of black)

    'catch it!' lure makes a dart that's 18" long and weighs 15.6 oz

    capt harry's has a durasoft that's 14" but they don't give the weight Durasoft Dart Head Lures and the biggun in the picture is the perfect color

    i swore i'd never post this info but i hear all the big tackle shops on the west coast already know by the huge numbers of orders they get from gulf coast's states so i guess it ain't no big secret anymore :mad:

    of course i'm talking 'bout hoo in the 60# to triple digits of course....... but who knows, maybe smaller ones'll hit'em too (just hasn't happened for me yet)
  6. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member