Berkley Fireline Crystal

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Gunsmoke, Jul 21, 2006.

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    As you know the ICAST tackle show for 2006 just ended in Vegas. What amazed me was the overall best of show went to Berkley for their new fireline crystal line. WOW, a superline that is translucent. That might be a great timesaver to tie direct to jigs and lures without the hassle of wind-ons and splices. The new Penn torque won the best new reel award. Have to go now and get ready for a hopefully a great bluewater day out of Port A in the morning. Here's a link for the best of show awards. I'm going to go to ICAST next year.
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    Thanks for your info and link, is fireline crystal line for saltwater big game or fresh water line?

    Btw, good luck on your trip, pls take soem picture and share with us land lock guys.

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    I'll give you a report Sat evening. The power in 75% of Port A went out at about 9:15 tonight. I was at a Virginia's at the wharf area. Everything went black. This place is packed. I never got seated. I was the next to get seated when the blackout happened. I did however down 3 vodka martinis. That was my dinner.

    I did find out from a couple of charter capts where the fish were today. A place called "Ant Hill" was hot this afternoon. It's about 40 miles south of Port A. I've fished that area many times. Sailfish, YF tuna, AJ's and dolphin were caught in good numbers. I'll be heading out the jetties about 5am for ant hill.