Beijing Olympic logo....

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  1. ichibahn

    ichibahn ** Pak Lurah **

    I just take this from other fishing forum, and want to share it here....
    Just joking, don't take it personally....

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  2. Fishhead56

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    In my trips to China I have made quite a few friends there.
    2 years ago we completed a 140 megawatt power station in
    Beijing just to support the Olympic facilities.

    First time over was in the mid eighties and I felt some what out of place.

    But now I feel like I fit in pretty well:eek:

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  3. Gunsmoke

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    You must have invited them fishing. I see they have their "Fish Billy's" with them.:D :D :D
  4. Fishhead56

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    No S*^%
    Six hours in from Shainghi (by car) is a lake that is famous for a paticluar crab. Towns around there (towns being 1.5 to 4.0 mil pop.) Wuxi and Changxing in paticulair have some great seafood. Live in tanks and on ice.
    Beside the regular octupus, squid,shrimp, spanish mack,snapper, and bait looking fish, was siwiming red fish, rainbow trout, snook and even Tarpon 2' long in a tank. One change from the 80's was a $40 suite is now $300 -400
    NewYork prices are every where.
    In room WiFi, HBO and CNN ect.
    Tv is wfo .
    But news contiunes to be censored.
    I was watching cnn one night and they started broad casting about a
    protest in Gaungau, (spelling sucks) (big city north of hongkong) and the
    screen is blacked out 3 sec into the report.
    Oh well Like anywhere the Olympics are to be about sport. not politics or dope
    use or what ever. Of course we will as a spiecies will try to improve on that with more opinions. laws, policicial efforts ect.

    Let the athilets run and the sportman fish..

    Oh can't test my bait rod any more , room service took my counter weight.:confused: