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I read this a few times before joining.

I'll contribute some hook notes/details for reference. I also made a new thread with the same info.

Halco 130 OEM, Owner ST66 4x 2/0, Mustad 9430 5x 2/0 hooks

Weight and wire diameter near bend.

Thanks to everyone for sharing information.


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Rate my quiver please for gom 30 hr trip. Intent is to have set ups to cover my dad and me for chunk, jig, and halco 130 casting. We've only been on 12hr snapper trips. This will be our first tuna trip. (I like penns and haven't tried anything else for offshore).

Reel: Penn fathom 40 star drag (4.8:1 gears)
Suffix 832 braid 80#
Tested at 14# drag

Rod: Shimano talavera (not trevala) boat xh 6' 6" 50-100# braid rating
Thinking this can be a casting rig since it has cast control.

Reel: penn fathom 25n star drag (also 4.8:1 gears)
Diamond gen 3 hollow core braid 60# (I took off a long mono top shot and spliced in more 60# braid to top it off)
tested at 13# drag

Rod: Penn Carnage III 7'-0" 65-130# braid rating (carbwiii50100c70)
Plan to cast this

Reel: Penn fathom 25nld2
Same 60# hollow core.
11# drag at strike, 17# full

Rod:ugly stick tiger elite jigging 6'-3" my 50-100# braid rating, 4-7 oz lure weight

Reel: Penn fathom 40nld2. 60# hollow core with about 20 yards 60# mono top shot.
12# strike 22# full (I think something is screwed up with this reel to jump so much)

Rod: Penn rampage jigging heavy 5'-8" 80-130" braid rating, 6-10oz lure weight

Reel: Penn torque 40nld2 80# hollow core.
16# strike, 23# full
Rod: Shimano trevala xxh 5'-8" 160g-270g lure weight 80-200# braid rating

Spare fathom 25nld2. Thinking of getting another rampage jigging rod heavy.


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Anyone find a knife they like to carry or or braid sissors/snips better? I was thinking something like this.

Although I have Boomerang Tool SNIP, so not sure what I need.
I like these for cutting line. I usually keep my pocket knife pretty sharp, but sometimes it isn't, and I have a hard time cutting knots off tackle.

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