Beer Vs Makeup

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    By the way, Webster Dictionary list the following.

    HEAD-BOAT A boat that takes in money for fishing by the head. Doesn't matter if it's a charter or not. It's a head count by paying customers. It also means that the boat has a lousy head for all the head-boat paying customers. Usually not clean. Very disgusting. Normally full of used toilet paper left on ground to soak up vomit form seasick customers with to much pride to barf over the rail. Deckhand's never clean up because customers would rather not have #2 on their fish.

    Beer Vs Makup

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    Watch out for the bad heads during your travels to distant fishing grounds. Here are some examples.:eek:

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    You would be better off stickin' your crack behind a tree:eek:
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    Ever spend any time laying in a rice paddy in S.E.A?
    Ever recovered an American pilot in S.E.A?
    Ever been a "guest" of the Viet Cong?
    I have, so those pictures don't even phase me.
    The Big E has decent sized clean heads as well as fresh water showers.