Batson Zirconium guides vs Fuigi SIC

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Mitchw123456, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Mitchw123456

    Mitchw123456 Senior Member

    I'm having a popping rod built and my builder suggested using the Batson Zirconium guides because they have a 50mm guide as where Fuigi doesn't make one this size. Does anybody have any expierence with these guides? I really want it to be a casting machine hence I wanted the bigger first guide. Comments, suggestions?
  2. Sea Crappie

    Sea Crappie Senior Member

    I've not used Batson guides, but here's a few thoughts on the subject.....

    Zirconium is 72% as hard as SIC. Granted, nearly all modern guide inserts withstand spectra, but it's something to keep in mind. I don't know anything about Zirconium's thermal properties or coefficient of friction, maybe somebody else has this info.

    If you correctly place a Fuji 40mm MNSG on the rod blank (and face the double leg up the rod) I've not had an issue with line slap, even when using a Stella 20k.

    If all else fails I'd use Fuji HVSG's. I have these on a couple of rods and they cast great. Again, a 40 should be all you need.

    This is not a dig on Batson at all, but I've never found a reason not to use ICMNSG, MNSG or HVSG guides. These 3 are VERY well tested in the jigging and popping world. All of my popping rods have one of these three and I've not noticed any issues with them.

  3. mike garone

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    I also dont know the thermal properties of zirconium, but i do know that fuji guides i have never had a failure, where as with a few zirconium guides I have had rings pop out.