Bass fishing guy here with some jdm PE questions

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    Hello tuna 360,

    I'm a bass fisherman who loves to throw big swimbaits. I had some questions about jdm line and was directed here by a friend.

    I have been using seaguar threadlock 50lb to a 25 Maxima leader. I am concerned about the threadlocks abrasion resistance. Any thoughts? I was considering switching to Varivas smp 8 (the stealth grey one) and going to a 25 or 30 lb sunline shooter leader. Thoughts on the switch? I was considering the varivas sunline combo for big glide baits around wood and sticking with threadlock and either Maxima or sunline defier armillo for topwater.

    Next question:
    I use ygk g-soul upgrade x8 for my spinning reels and I love it because it has memory almost a waxy stiffness to it. I tried it on a low profile casting reel and hated it for the same reason. I was thinking of switching my low profile casting finesse reels from daiwa samurai braid to Varivas seabass 8 (also a stealth grey) but I was afraid it would have that waxy stiffness like the ygk. Anyone know if the varivas seabass line is limp or does it have "memory?"

    Final question (for now):
    Does anyone have experience with the daiwa saltiga 12 braid? I know typically the higher strand weave the smoother/softer the line, but I was afraid it might have some coating or something that makes it stiff. Is it ultra limp like the daiwa saltiga boat braid or daiwa samurai? If so, what's the difference between the saltiga 12 and the boat braid? I am looking for a 30-40 lb line that casts as smooth as possible, has strong abrasion resistance and is definitely on the limp side. This is for light casting setups (mostly moving baits like cranks, spinnerbaits, topwater, etc...) I might use it for lighter jigs or plastics with Flourocarbon or mono leader respectively. Thoughts?

    Thank you
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    Do you tie a knot or splice the hollow to your leader? If you splice, I would probably go heavier to 30 even 40 to give it more area to grip. I honestly don’t think bass are as line shy as people make them out to be. You just have to worry about the heavy line dampening the action of the bait. I have 40 pound to Storm Arashi Glide and it’s fine just have to tie a short leader like ~3 ft. I think Shooter is a bit overrated; you can just use seaguar blue label, sts, abrazx, pline halo, cxx. These seems to be on par and are less expensive and I retie often. I would reconsider using uncoated PE lines as they seems to suffer from lack of abrasion resistance and they tend to break at their line weight designation. I would go for a lighter braid for that application like 20 yo zuri. If you tie good knots and have drag set, there is no way a bass will break you off.