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Discussion in 'Reels' started by Bazztex, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I got a good deal on one of these reels ($160) NIB and thought it would make a good jig reel. It's has a narrowed 4/0 Penn Open Top Frame with a good sized Jig Handle. Suggested retail is $229.00.

    It has 6 ball bearings, Aluminum Frame and Spool... Stainless Pinion Gear
    The HT 100 Versa drag washers can be configured to make 28# Max Drag.
    Holds 375 yds of 30# Mono and has a 4.25:1 Gear ratio.
    Dual Anitreverse dogs , Bait Clicker and Harness Lugs.

    Penn - 113HN Baja Special Conventional Reel

    My Daughter caught a 50 & 70# Yellow Fin on a jig and boated both in 5 Minutes on 20 Lbs of smooth drag... I caught around 100 BFT on it :D

    It's not fancy or flashy.. just a good dependable Penn Reel at a price most folks can afford that want to get into jig fishing.

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    you should be happy you found a 113hn. Penn discontinued them last year, and they have been hard to find ever since. With 25+lbs of drag, why buy a fancy reel @ $400. Nice post! :)