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Barefoot Rods

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Ok so I was browsing through cabelas website and ran into this- Barefoot Rod
I know you get what you pay for,but for 60 bucks I figured it was worth a try. Anyone ever actually seen one of these rods,or know someone who has used one?Couldn't find any reviews on them myself. What do you all think?
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Hey Jason_L- Though I haven't tried this brand, the second rod I ever bought for offshore was a house brand of another large sporting goods chain.

The rollers seized the first day. I could not get them to roll regardless of what I did.

BUT, Cabela's does offer an unconditional guarantee on products they sell that if it doesn't work, bring in the receipt and they'll credit or replace it (not associated by the way).

That's great and I have yet to use it, but I wish to save the time (and the chance of failure on a big fish opportunity), and go with what my research and experience says is the best or almost the best.

If you do decide to try it out, know that more than likely, that the rod you choose will probably be as strong as the lowest rating on the stated lb. range.
That's too funny, using "Vegas" as a verb!

My dad loooves that place!

Who knows after you Vegas, you might go ALL custom with Accurate ATD's!!!
Good points BigMike!

One of my favorite rods (got to get Kevin to rewrap it though) is an old 5 1/2'
60 lb. Penn Tuna Stick!

It's got one of the best bends for any rod I've fished with.
Not the white ones, but the black and gold!

It has ss guides with a roller/stripper set up.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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