Baja Norte problems?

Discussion in 'South of the Border' started by yellowtail67, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. yellowtail67

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    Greetings All!
    I was reading a concerning thread regarding car jackings on Baja Nomad and wonder if anyone on this forum has any knowledge of this?

    Anyone heading down in mid May? Caravan?
  2. lite-liner

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    tons of stories about this over on been going on for a few years
    I know my dad doesn't go to SQ anymore.....
    good luck, I love it down there

  3. hatidua

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    As lite-liner has opined, this is a topic that has been well covered on both as well as (and a few others). It wasn't just 'ONE' carjacking, it's entailed dozens upon dozens of incidents.

    While I used to drive the length of Baja annually and did so for decades on end, the fishing in Northern Baja simply isn't worth the risk anymore as I see it. I hope this isn't always going to be the case as there are some great places there but for now I opt to fly down to either Loreto or Cabo and drive up from either of those two points of entry.
  4. yellowtail67

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    Thanks guys.......
    Can close this thread as I'm heading south.