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Baitshop Question

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Any of you guys know of a good bait shop in the Freeport, Texas area near Capt Elliot's? Would be nice if there was a place to pick up some live bait or extra gear for a trip.
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Bait Camp yes, right across the river. Called Mitchell's Pier, they usually have live shrimp and mullet. Don't think they keep piggies or similiar baits.

The bait camps in Surfside occassionally have piggies but they're rather scarce. Saltgrass, Beach Bait and Tackle, Bridge Bait. The one just down from Beach Bait and Tackle changed names a while back, can't remember the name.

As for securing tackle, other than purchasing from Elliotts itself, Bucees on the corner of FM523 and Hiway 332 is probably your best bet.
Get down there early to catch you own bait.

You can proably catch about 2 dozen in about an hour and a half.

For tackle, Capt Elliots shop is your best bet.
there is also an academy that has a good selection of offshore stuff that is located in lake jackson. it is located near the mall and walmart in lake jackson....rick
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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