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Discussion in 'Reels' started by PiePuncher, Nov 16, 2006.

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    The new Curado's are nothing like the old ones. The new curado sports an enlarged gear and now sports an aluminum build. When I say all aluminum, I am talking about sideplates as well as the frame. Last years had plastic side plates. All the plastic on last years reel is now gone. The star drag is even alluminum. These are awesome reels. I have yet to put it to use on a fish over 30lbs but I will do so next week. Both curados are 7:1 gear ratio and while they are burners, they also put out quite a bit of power, odd for such a fast reel.
    While testing the drag, Jared and I showed 18lbs of drag before any slip and this was not tightened all the way down, just most of the way down. I could have gotten a few more pounds out of it but figured anything else was not needed. This reel put out much more drag than the quantum energy and the daiwa zillion. The energy and zillion were putting out about 8-9lbs of drag.... BIG DIFFERENCE... The shimano drag is also smooth as can be once it get running. By the way, we did go ahead and lock the drag down and the 20lb braid snapped..
    The casting on the 06-07 curado is also unreal. This thing can cast lures as small as 1/4 ounce to 2oz without a problem and it tends to get much distance. The casting on the new curados is comparable to that of the daiwa reels. Anyone that has seen me cast a daiwa knows that the daiwas are some of the furthest casting reels on the market when it comes to baitcast reels. The new break adjustments on this reel are also awesome. The new sideplate is kept on by a spring loaded bar that is attached to the reel. This means I wont be loosing any more sideplates while on the jetty. awesome.
    The difference in the 200 and the 300 series is the line capacity and slight visual difference but other than that, they seem to be the same reel. The 300 series holds about 245 of 14 or something like that. The spool is thinner than a pencile.
    Well guys, I was so pleased with this reel that I had to go out and purchase two of them. I started out with one and was trying to decide which other reel to get and came to the conclusion that there is not another reel in the price range or within 100 that is just as good. I did buy a chronarch but took it back, the chronarch was a little bit smaller(didnt hold as much line) and for the money, the curado is just a little bit better.
    I tested a bunch of reels over the past month and the curado is tops. I will post more reviews over the next few weeks.

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    The model should be 200 and 300 DHSV....

    I will put this reel to use on big reds, black drum and some flounder this coming week and will let you guys know how it does. The reel is very very capable of busting up the local stripes. Striper dont have a chance if caught on this reel. To put the reel to an even larger task, I will take it offshore with me on my next trip too. So far I have caught ling, snaps, cuda and kings on bass tackle, now lets see how this reel will do?? I already know the answer but might as well put the reel to good use. See you guys soon and good luck on any upcoming trips.


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    if you take that sucker tuna fishing on a party boat i hope for your sake that i am not on the boat.....rick
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    DUDE!!!!! I wouldnt mess with a yellowfin with that little reel. Blackfin would be a piece of cake and so would a bonita but a yellowfin is a whole different story. If on a party boat, I will stick with my cabo 60 and conventional. If out with my friends, I will still have the big tackle but I cant go out without one light rod. The light rod would be a 7'6 or 8ft loomis rated for upto 40lb test. That rod paired up with the curado will spank a dorado, king, ling, snap, you name it. Tuna though, that is a whole different story. I dont care to fight a missle like that on such light tackle. Actually, it wouldnt be a fight, I would get raped in a matter of a few seconds..... I am not up to getting raped out on the water or on I would be ticked if I hooked up a yellow on such a small reel and rod. It would be another one of those stories about the big one that got away!!
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    Hawk on Allcoast was singing the 300 DHSV's praises catching some kind of wild fish in rivers South America. he was very pleased with this reel.