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Discussion in 'Reels' started by North Texas Fiberglass, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just thought I would give props to Avet. I have a LX 6/3 that I didn't get really clean on one of my latest outings. It started to grind and feel like salt was building up inside it.

    Rather than take the time to do it myself, I was lazy and sent it in to them. WHo better to work on the reel than the people that build them right? Well, I called them and they said to send a $25 check with it, and that would cover the return shipping as well.

    Well, 8 days after I shipped the reel to them, I get it back and it is like brand new! I sent the reel last Monday, and I got it back today! WOW. I was amazed!

    I just want to give them a big thank you for the prompt service. That was magnificent!
  2. Uncle Russ

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    Heck, I can do the same thing with my Accurate reels--I just bundle them up and send a check for a thousand dollars and they are good as ne.

    NO, NO, only kidding!


  3. gman

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    Russ now you have me looking at an ATD 6, you frigging killing me