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Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by jerry-rigged, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Last week I tore down my LX for the first time... It's only been fished once, but I wanted to give it my best aproximation of the "Alantani" treatment... :D Although this was the first lever drag reel for me to tear into, I am no stranger to opening up reels, I normally do all me reels myself, from my Abu and Shamano baitcasters, to spinners, to senators and even a few push-button zebco's and diawa's...:rolleyes:

    Anyway, back to the LX - there were were two things that confused me. #1 - the schematic showed (4) beveled washers, to be set ()(). My reel has (6) washers, I think they were set )()()(, not sure... I thought about taking two of them out, but decided against it, but I put them
    back in (()())... any opinions? Should I go back in and remove a washer or two?

    #2 - the drag washer seemed to be GLUED to the spool - there was no retaining ring/clip visable, and at the inside edge, there was, what looked like glue squeezed out from under the washer...:confused: I tryed to pry the washer up, but snapped of the tip of a razor blade without moving the washer one bit... I cleaned and greased it best I could, and put it back together...

    Edit - from reading the Avet forum on bloodydecks, it seems this the the "new" way for Avet, to glue the dragwashers... so no problem. :)

    I got it back together without incident, it all seems to work fine, but there is a bit more gear noise than before - I usally use some light oil on the gear teeth, but this time I used some marine grease on the gears... Any tips on what to lube the gears with to quiet it back down?

    Thanks all-

    HUNTER II Guest

    Assuming you are right about the original configuration, you significantly affected the performance of the spring washers by re-arranging them by nesting two of the spring washers - you increased the "power" of the washers, but at the same time you decreased the range over which the washers can deliver their power. The short version is you will get to your full drag setting with less turns of the adjustment knob.

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    OK, that other site and an anwser for the washers too... looks like they come from Avet ))(())... why the reel schematic shows only four at (()) I don't know.:confused: I may leave the washers the way I have them for now, hopefully it will give a little less drag at low lever settings and still reach mostly normal at strike...
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    hunter II is on the money. the most recent configuration i have been seeing is "(())()". a configuration such as "(()())" will have the exact same characteristics. bottom line is that it doesn't matter as long as you get the desired drag range. and don't worry about the gears. the only way to quiet them down is to replace them.

    glad to see you guys taking such an interest. i think it is very important to be able to sevice your own reels. alan
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    Alantani - Thanks for all your help too! I used to think I knew what I was doing, cleaning reels... Then I started reading you write-ups, and relized I was really doing a half a$$ job...LOL