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    It is a good news that we finally can see the long waited Avet Hoo-X soon.
    It has enough drag (26-27 lbs at strike).
    It has enough line capacity (325 yard of 40 lbs mono). The reel can hold over 400 yard of 80 lbs braided line with enough room for mono topshot.
    I don't worry about their castability and smoothness of drag as all Avet reels have excellent free spool and smooth drags.
    The reel is 4/0 size reel like Trinidad 40/50 and it weighs 28 oz.
    The high gear of 5.4 and the low gear of 2.8 seems adequate.
    If other parts of the reel can hold the pressure of heavy drag, I don't see any problem to catch a cow over 200 lbs on this reel.

    Here is a new Avet Hoo-X news posted on Cabbage Key Tackle in Florida.

    Harry and Sarkis, the owners of Avet, being great tinkerers and imaginative innovators have been working on a new reel. I know most of you have expected a level wind SX or perhaps a spinning reel. Those are in the works. What they are bringing out is a new reel in the 40 class size.

    This reel to be known as the Avet HOO-X looks to be a real hoss. About the same size physically as the Trinidad 40, this reel promises to deliver performance unmatched by anything currently on the market.

    Base specs have the drag capable of pulling 26-27 pounds of drag max. line capacity will be in the 325/40 range (MONO ), weight around 28 ounces.

    Capable of outstanding performance this reel will pull in 44 inches of line per crank, will sport harness lugs on an open top design, and is a 2 speed to boot. The Handle is curved inward to place the center of effort as close to the rod as possible to eliminate any tendency to wobble on high speed retrieves

    You can bet the boys at competing manufacturers will drop their jaw when this reel hits the market.

    Specifically designed with the giant wahoo in mind, this reel with its 5.4 high gear. 2.8 low gear will be quite capable of pulling in small marlin. tuna, giant kings,etc.

    Selling price for this new 2 speed will be a extremely attractive $409.99

    Cabbage Key will be amongst the first to offer this new reel hopefully around mid November 06
  2. Pope

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    I have been waiting to see this reel myself. Sounds great...hope it is.

  3. ksong

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    I like to see how they solve the problem of stiffness of turning handle and moving drag lever as drag increases. :)
  4. Pope

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    I would just like to see one period.
  5. Minnow

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    Any picture?
  6. Snagged

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    That sounds like a seriously useful reel.
  7. ksong

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    I don't see any picture yet.

    I have an overnight tuna trip tomorrow and there is a good chance to encounter big bluefin tuna in 200-300 lbs range. I wish I had the reel now to test with big bluefin. :)
  8. Time to start saving up my money. I think this will be a birthday present to myself next year!

    That 4/0 size should be an excellent set up for almost any GOM fish. Small enough you can use it on snapper runs, AJ, Tuna, Kings, Wahoo, ect.

    And coming from Avet, you know it will be an excellent reel for the $$. I've been completely sold on Avet since I've had my LX/2.

    Can't wait to see their spinning reel either!