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What size/brand hooks do y'all use ? Where are
you finding the best prices ?
For those making up thier own, what brand/size/style hook are you using?
What size Spectra line or Kevlar cord ?



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i use 300# JB Hollow for the cord, use the highest quality hooks(live bait XXH) I can afford at the time. I usually pull them out of the packaage in the store and get the sharpest ones ( gamaktsu or owner). Up here (DFW) theres not a large selection, so I try to find a good 6/0 or 7/0 - something that is gonna stick out past the jig (wider than the jig). I make them myself with the premium hooks for ~ $1.00 each. But I have peace of mind because I know what quality went into each one. It becomes really easy to do after tying about 10 of them. takes around 10 minutes for each one. I even use kevlar thread, superglue, and then heat shrink to protect the knot even further. I make 2 sizes (long and shrt). the long one gets a orthodontist style rubberband to hold it midsection on the jig.

The next batch I will start putting tinsel and feather on the hooks under the kevlar thread. I read somewhere(i think Ksong) that there is belief the fish go for the hooks once they get close to the jig. Cant hurt, and the color and feathers are very inexpensive. (if you see any ducks without feathers around DFW, please disregard everything I have said about feathers.....lol)
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