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    On my last tuna trip I caught a yellowfin on a 320 jitterbel with an assist hook about one third the length of the iron. This last offshore trip I caught all my fish with a diamond jig with a short assist hook. For my next tuna trip i have my topwaters and shallowrunners rigged with an assist hook. The lures action aren't impaired because of the single hook rather than the trebles. I can't see why assists work with iron but wouldn't be just as good on other type lures. The big advantage to me is the straight connection between the hook and the rod with the weight of the lure unavailable for leverage on the hook. I might miss an occasional strike but will make up for it with the fish that don't escape because of the lure levering the hook. I throw this discussion open to get other opinions and theories. Thanks
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    on the topwater with single hooks: it seems without a treble to impair thier ability to open thier mouth fully and get the oxygen they need- it will be a long battle. the single hook give them a lot more freedom to move thier mouth. every long, grueling battle( on a topwater lure ) I have ever heard of: had a single hook on it :) I could see it being a benefit on catch and release , but then again that depends on how long you fight the beast (lactic acid buildup).

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    Stick with trebles for top water
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    I think Ronnie and what's his name are right.

    A long time ago when I was mulling over putting live bait hooks on poppers Charlie "bazztex" Williams pointed out to me that a yellowfin hooked on a popper with it's mouth closed by trebles would be easier prey. On our 48 hour trip back in November I got a 107 on a popper/spinner in about 7-8 minutes. I've had 70 pounders eat my lunch.

    Figya that?

    Let's go fishin'
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    I've been toying with the idea of single assist hooks on poppers, but only for Catch and Release! I figure with three nights on the Big E, there will be a time and place for the single hooks to be used, and hopefully cut off, releasing a fish at boatside.

    If you want to keep the YFT, definitely stick with trebles! I agree with everyone else too, single hooks will give the fish more of an advantage, and will probably kick your butt before you get him in.