ask for the best natural attractant for carp bait

Discussion in 'Freshwater fishing reports' started by dodi, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. dodi

    dodi Guest

    do you know the best attractant for carp bait? especially natural attractant..
    in my country ... fishing carp's always as competition in a carp pond.. winner's who could catch the biggest or alot
    Ty... may God bless u..
  2. jaredchasteen

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    Welcome where are you located at.

  3. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    Welcome to the board.

    I really like to use large nightcrawlers for carp. They really go after worms around here.

    BFTMASTER Senior Member

    WE use cheap strawberry pop and corn flakes mixed into a dough. Not really natural though. sometimes a weighted treble hook and a jerking motion is successful
  5. Enoch

    Enoch Senior Member

    Welcome to our board!
    You will find a lot of help here, don't be afraid to ask...

    Coming from philadelphia we use:
    Maize mix
    Hair rigs
    There is a lot of pre-baiting that goes on. Many times days on end before a hookup.
    Different formulas of oatmeal, corn, and grains can be used as well.
    I'm not much of a carp guy however...
    The rest of the secrets can be found at
    This is where some diehards from my area post. Each year they have a myraid of 30lb plus commons. A few have been host to popular magazines and even on television.

    Check them out.

    (Shameless plug)
  6. TK_82

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    hey dodi enoch mention a lot of good baits for carp. as he metioned maize or corn has work really well for me caught sum fatties on it. i always bring some maze dough w/me wenever i go lake fishing in case the bass n crappie arent bitin too good.
  7. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Secret recipe for carp.

    a hand full of sticky rice (Glutenous rice)
    1/4 cup of Fresh rosted penut
    1 Hard boiled egg (egg york only)

    in a stone grinder, grind peanuts until almost become paste and put it aside.
    Grind sticky rice until it become paste.
    Grind the egg york.
    Mix all 3 ingredients together and you have a very good carp bait.

    You can substitute stone grinder with food processor.

    Good luck
  8. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    mine is simple. Hot dog buns, or frosted corn flakes- and bigred/strawberry soda, and sometimes cottonseed mill(from feed store).
  9. dodi

    dodi Guest

    thank you very much for all, i will try and visit the webs.
    Jarred.. I'm from Bandung city in Indonesia, Southern Asia.
    oooh... I'll report ...later
  10. Enoch

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    good luck dodi !

    post your report when u get back : )
  11. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Good luck Dodi,

    Kita doiin supaya menang.
  12. dodi

    dodi Guest

    A report (apologize me... if my english not good).
    I followed the ideas suggested from all..
    This is my bait:
    50 gr sticky rice
    25 gr roasted peanut
    1 boiled egg york ................thank you for minnow
    20 gr maize ................thank for enoch, TK 82 and
    1 real big strawberry fruit ...............thank for BFTMaster and SkeeterRonnie
    Nightcrawlers, I could’nt find it, so I substituted it with 200 gr ants eggs (we called it ‘kroto’) ................thank you Deep Sea Gull
    25 gr tuna in oil (my idea)
    Mixed all, put in a plastic bag and boiled for half an hour

    Feb 7 try out:
    There were 8 fishermen, 2 rounds competition, each round’s for 2 hours long
    I got the 2nd (with 36 carps cought), the champ got 37 ..... uuuuuuh.........
    Conclusion: the bait worked well..... just unlucky

    Feb 8:
    Competition against 31 fishermen, 2 rounds, each round’s for 2 hours long competition
    Mama mia!! I win.... got the biggest 3.6kg (we called it baboon) and the most with 31 carps

    Modificating bait: I added a little vanilli powder, 25 gr boiled meat of Nila fish and 20 cc coconut milk.

    Feb 15:
    Against 47 carp fishermen, 2 rounds competition, round’s for 2 hours long, no baboon.
    First round: Truly... I’m in a little nervous, because some of them are knowing as a good carp fisherman and I sit in place no. 1, in the corner of the pond, “they” said: ‘it’s not a good place’.
    I threw baits 4-5 times to the center of pond, making a spot. Till 5 to app. 10 minutes.... no strike, 10 minutes .... first strike! After that.... carps came and came. Everyone said... I’m the best in this round.
    Second round: I got place no. 23, it’s maybe a favorite place. As usual... threw 4-5 times to make a spot and the story was same as the first round.....
    End of the competition....Thanks God... I’m the winner!
    Minnow, Enoch, TK 82, SkeeterRonnie, BFTMaster and Deep Sea Gull, it’s a really good carp bait, I got 78 carps, the 2nd got 38 and the 3rd got 35 carps, many thanks for all......
    Do you know the prize? A motorcycle Yamaha Mio.... thanks....thanks....thanks.....thanks.....
  13. Enoch

    Enoch Senior Member

    Great job dodi!

    Amazing after your post here you won the entire thing! I'm glad I can be part of something all the way around the world.

    Post some pictures please!