Anyone willing to help out a beginner?

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    After 16 years on the ocean, 6 as a mate and 2 as a mate on a tuna charter boat, I decided to start thinking about a career on land so I can start buying my own gear and boat. Learning everything I can and picking up experience is the goal for now. I just want to hear about what you guys are running since Ive learned multiple ways of rigging when it comes to live-lining and stick baits.

    My first boat taught me 200 Dacron tied to 370lb wind on swivel crimped to 200yds 180-200 top shot then crimped to 18 foot sections of fluoro then crimped to 10/0 3x Mustard offset hooks. Every crimp has chaff the on the loop and painted black and the hooks were bridled with rigging bands through the eye.

    Second boat taught me 130 dacron with 200yds 150 top shot threaded 10 feet with wax line serving 12 inches both ways at the dacron/mono transition. For leaders we ran 25 foot sections of 130-180lb fluoro crimped both ends with 8/0 3x hooks hooking baits through the back.

    Ive heard of ways to use dacron to connect top shot with leader and I've heard of just about every swivel from 130-580lb ratings used with hooks from 7/0 to borderline gafs. I plan on fishing penn/avet 130s with reel easy trident 130/80s if the bank allows with 130lb dacron threaded with 180 top shot. After that is just me spinning the wheel of fortune until I find out what works for me. I understand this industry is always changing and different techniques work for different people.

    What do you guys think? Any methods you would be willing to share?
    What is my shopping list going to look like to get started for the year when it comes to terminal tackle. Thanks in advance. Currently on deployment and thinking of June 1st is getting my blood pumping
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    From what you wrote I’d say you have the basics. For giant tuna fishing.
    Boat 2 is how I fish with an 11/0
    Gamakatsu HD live bait hook.
    About 100ft 180 top shot. To swivel and Shorter fluoro leader, 10-11 feet.
    Varying in lb test 150 - 200.

    There are a few other things I do that are not getting posted :)

    I don’t do a ton of Giant fishing anymore, they aren’t worth what they used to be and to me, they are a lot more work to catch than fun.
    I have caught them.
    That’s a 98” fish I’m attached to in my avatar.

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    I just ordered my first setups of my own and I will be spooling with 200 dacron spliced to 200 yds of 200lb mono crimped to swivel and 12 ft leaders and 10/0 Owner Super Mutu circles