Anyone Used Fin-Nor Offshore Series Spinning Rod?

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by red34, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. red34

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    Fin-Nor Offshore Series Spinning Rod
    7' 20-50# - Fuji DPSH Reel Seat - Deep Press Hiloy Guides

    Wanted to see if anyone had ever used one of these. I want to match it up with a Cabo 80 for throwing poppers.

    Fin-Nor. . .World-Class Big Game Tackle
  2. Fishhead56

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    I don't know if you are in an area where you can go handle one to help with
    your own evaluation.
    Fishing tackle unlimited in Houston has them on the shelf.
    It's been over a year since I held one (all though I was at FTU last week).
    So I don't want to comment on how the tip action was or how they loaded
    up. I don't recall the weight either which is all info would would want to know.
    So I guess I really don't have much helpful info. I do recall I thought they were well enough built for the price.
    I do have 3 Fin nor Ahab rods in 20, 12 and 8 lb class.
    The 20 and 12 are strong and fine for pitching baits and jigs.
    But are not what I would call distance casting rods that you might want
    for throwing poppers..

    I hope someone else has more to offer to your question.


  3. red34

    red34 Guest

    Well the rod came in and I am pretty happy about it. I had a return at Bass Pro that I used so it came out costing me about $3.50 so the price was definately right!!! It has a $99 retail I think. I looked far and wide for a heavy spinning rod that didnt weigh 10 lbs. This is heavier than the high end rods I've looked at, but at 1/3 of their price, and not nearly as heavy as the 100% glass Outer Banks rods at Boater's World. This is definately my entry level set-up and should become a great back-up if and when I decide to take the plunge on an OTI Popper.

    Pulling on it, it is heavily made and should have no trouble whipping anything that I'd be throwing at in a timely fashion. Ton of backbone. It's slightly heavy for a spinning rod that I'd want to be casting for long periods of time, but then again, I chose to go with the Chevy and not the Cadillac. All in all, I'd give it a positive rating for what I bought it for. Can't wait to hook something up with it!

    Reel is a Cabo 80. 65# Braid w/ 60# mono topshot.



    Sorry there's no cool pick of me lifting barbells or milk jugs. I did, however, get yelled at for pull testing it on the legs of my girlfriend's new coffee table!

  4. gmack

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    Looks like a very nice setup!
  5. jureal

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    Wives and girlfriends just don't understand us, huh?
  6. JasonF

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  7. red34

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    makes me a little nervous, going off my review and all...hope you like it. if not, i'll send you my bass pro reciept for a return!! kidding. if you think it's a great deal then post it here, if not pm me!!!
  8. JasonF

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    I received mine this morning. Heck of a rod for the money. It has a lot of backbone while still keeping the tip action I want for working topwaters. This rod with the finnor reel on it is by no means a light weight outfit but I am confident that it will do the trick for me.
  9. red34

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    good deal...glad i could help
  10. sbarracl

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    I looked at the Fin Nor rods in a store I happened to be in. My 2 cents is for the price they are nice rods. I like the action of the 20-40 rod and the lower rated ones. The 20-50 was really stiff (which may be a good thing) and seemed more of a slow taper than the 20-40. I personally felt like the rod needed a slightly softer tip. It felt like it would take on a decent size fish.
  11. Brokejeep

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    I just bought the same rods for my wife and I for our trip last week. We used them for popping and jigging and they worked great. ....I payed $109.00
  12. SpecialK

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    I just bought the same rods for my wife and I for our trip last week. We used them for popping and jigging and they worked great. ....I payed $109.00
    I did not get to fight a fish on this rod but it loaded up and casted very well for only being $100. Didn't you catch that aj one one also?
  13. Brokejeep

    Brokejeep Senior Member

    Yes I caught all of my fish on that rod.