Anyone use "Rod Wraps?"

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Mitchw123456, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Mitchw123456

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    I've been considering buying these for a little while but I'm having trouble (mentally) taping over my hypolon. Does anyone on here have any expierence with this stuff? If so, when removed does it leave a nasty sticky mess on your grips? Does it actually proctect your grips at all?

  2. SkeeterRonnie

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    very interesting you posted this... Last night while I was buying the rest of the crimps to make snapper rigs... I stumbled across the rod wraps...

    It works off static and one single piece of tape.. there is no sticky side- as I thought this was sticky tape as well. Turns out- you pull off a plastic sheet the back of this "wrap" and it clings to its own surface... nothing sticky at all... I like them now.. I wrapped black on the foregrip of my BarBar rod so I can rail it....

    BIG NO NO!!!! DONT GET THE "RED" tape... it turns freakin PINK!!!! when wrapped on a rod... I wrapped my jiggin stick and now its fkn PINK!!!! I know the Cinco crew wants me wearing something PINK!!! SO HERE IT IS!!! MY fkn JIGGIN STICK IS PINK!!!! I started to rip it all off- but decided it will be a good laugh.. and I am man enough and secure enough in my sexuality that I can use pink and still scratch my nutz!!!!! LOL!!!

    the only time you use the small 1/4"x 3" piece of tape is on the end of the rod wrap when you finally reach the top of the grip.. it holds the rod wrap down and in place

    Black is good, blue is good.... BUT NO FREAKIN RED!!! The friction this tape gives you is like cork... it grips exceptionally well to your hands.. I wrapped the hypalon as tight as I could get the "rod wrap" and it looks pretty neat.

  3. Ragman

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    Hey Mitch!

    I've used this stuff while playing ball in college. It worked well and I'm going to try it on some of my inshore rods.

    I'll post a report after my trip on April 17.
  4. DeepBlueGulf

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    I've never seen the "rod wraps", but I have used the Diamond X shrink tubing on a jigstick foregrip and that is very cool stuff. Where can I see the "rod wrap" online? Just wondering how it compares.

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    The pink rod wraps will go with his cooking apron.
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    thanks for posting that.. thats quite a bit cheaper than charkbaits