Anyone selling a high end set of rods?

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by AdamC, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. AdamC

    AdamC New Member

    Long shot, but looking for 7-10 matching rods with high end components...ideally black hole or seeker blanks with winthrop guides. I'm a long time member of hull truth, but posting here on off chance someone may be upgrading their set.

  2. ReelMe

    ReelMe Super Member

    If you can afford that used set, you can afford the same set new. Just saying.
    Maybe you can’t wait for a custom set to be built? Either way though, sweet! Lol
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  3. cubanfishermar

    cubanfishermar Senior Member

    web bloodydecks is your destiny
  4. mythosbeer

    mythosbeer Senior Member

    Honestly, if you want a whole set, you would be better off getting them built. Even if a non professional with good work would be good and maybe cheaper. I do it for fun as a side but it would take me way too long to make a whole set in my spare time.