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Anyone going to try for some spring Turkey??

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Well, its the last hurrah for all of the hunters out there... Spring turkey that is.... I wasnt able to make it to the coast to work on the boat, so I headed to the place with 40-60 mph wind gust and 1/4 to 1/2 mile visibility for about 80 miles.. Filled the feeders and moved some stands.. There is Turkey droppings everywhere.. wheatfield, around the feeders, on the roads and all over camp.. So we put the game cam back up to see how many we have.
Are any of you guys going to hunt spring turkeys this year??? Its my last chance at hunting until dove season....
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Yeah, taxes do suck.. I cant wait to get an ag exemption on my land in Blanco.. I may have to try the pacifier thing on my 22.. We used to shoot mice with rat shot in an old rent house outside of San Marcos when I was in college.. You dont have to be a real good caller(I aint), you just have to have some horny gobblers roaming your area..
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