Anybody run FICHTs?

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by Mitchw123456, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Mitchw123456

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    I'm looking into getting another boat and the only thing holding me back from getting this particular boat is that it has the FICHT 150s on it. I've heard some bad things about the FICHTs just from grazing the net. Ofcourse, most of these were all old topics and just was curious to see if anybody was running them? The engines in question are '99 150s with 106 hours on them.
  2. mcgolfer

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    that is about the time that evinrude was taken over by bombadier(sp). and yes there were lots of issues with those motors. especially the 175 motors. by 2001 they had most of the issues with the fichts resolved but i still hear stories of new ficht issues. try posting this question on the hull truth board. i am sure you will get more reponses on that site. lots of blown powerheads and reliablity issues....rick

  3. Argo

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    have been out at least 4-5 times on boats with fichts, every time there has been an issue with them. OK maybe they ran smooth once without difficulties. I can not say the same for any other boats/motors I fish on.
  4. Bret

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    My buddies in CR were running 200 fichts of about the same vintage.. They never could find a "fix" and repowered with suzuki's and has kept on fishing. I would be leery of fichts mfg in that timeframe. Kind of makes you wonder why 6yr old motors have just over 100 hrs...
  5. atunatado

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    FICHTS? Been marrooned 18 miles offshore from Port A. Thank God for the US Coastguard. The issue was a toasted electronic module unit, bout $800. Problems with the injectors before that.
    Stay away from FICHTS if you like to spend time on the water and not in the repair shop.
  6. Mitchw123456

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    Alright thats kind of what I figured I just wanted to hear it again to thoroughly convince myself not to buy it. thanks guys..