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Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by explorer, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. explorer

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    84A85018-481C-4F6E-8A00-06FD22B03642.jpeg google and there are so many options. Are these any good to clean reels? Will they melt plastic?

  2. Hoogan

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    It’s clean gasoline

  3. lite-liner

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    I wouldn't put ANY kind of petroleum distillate product on any kind of plastic, period.
    However, non-chlorinated brake cleaner works excellent on metal parts & evaporates very clean. I regularly dunk my Stradic Ci-4's, so they get cleaned thoroughly every couple of weeks.
    After switching to sealed ceramic bearings, I no longer have any kind of rust or corrosion issues, although sand intrusion is a constant. Lucas gun oil is the best lube I've found that doesn't create a lot of parasitic drag, which only increases cranking effort.
    Just my opinion, as always.
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  4. explorer

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    Ok, I guess I will stay with DawnSoap and Water?
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  5. Kipi

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    Isopropyl alcohol is a very non destructive solvent. I use it on q-tips for getting rid of oily build up on my reels. Also fine for washing old grease/oil of parts. Evaporates well and leaves almost no residue.
  6. a1flyfishr

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    After a day of fishing I’ll spray reel and rod guides with saltaway. Let it sit for a few minutes then wash with warm soapy low pressure water. If I know it’s going to be a salty wet day I’ll spray before my trip leave it a few min and wipe off excess.

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  7. Cubeye

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    I used to use that, or what is called "white gas" to clean my reels. And no, it didn't harm the plastic. I used it mainly to remove the old grease and oil from the bearings.
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  8. DenisB

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    Coleman fuel is very close to ULP.......unleaded no additives.

    I use it in one of my 'backup' lights at my case the solar runs out from extended bad weather.
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