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    October 16, 2008

    WHAT: MPA Designations in the Central Pacific Ocean

    Anti-recreational fishing groups seek to ban recreational fishing in pending Pacific Ocean marine protected area designations

    ACTION: The White House is accepting public comment until October 28, 2008. The sportfishing community needs to act now.

    CONTACT: Gordon Robertson, vice president and Government Affairs lead, 703.519.9691, x237, or Patty Doerr, Ocean Resource Policy director, x244.

    The Situation

    In spite of President George W. Bush’s recent Executive Memo and an Executive Order which clarified that recreational fishing should be sustained in marine protected area designations, recreational fishing opponents are intensively lobbying the White House and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to ban recreational fishing in vast areas of the Central Pacific Ocean.

    This sets a dangerous precedent regarding recreational fishing in any federal waters, saltwater or fresh, which the Executive Order and Executive Memo was designed to protect.

    Please act now! Your help is needed to support recreational fishing in the Pacific today and on your coastline in the future.

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    Just sent a message and forwarded to 30+ friends and im callin the aholes in the morning!

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    I wonder who would be better for us? I doubt it would be Barack.
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    What are the locations for the proposed MPAs?