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Discussion in 'Charter Boat & Party Boat' started by RevPDP, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. RevPDP

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    Those of you that are regulars on the YC, is there a preferred time of the year to catch a lot of blackfin tuna? Do they run bigger at certain times? How about wahoo?
  2. RevPDP

    RevPDP Well-Known Member

    No one? Come on gang. Spill the beans

  3. Snaphappy

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    If you are booking pulley trips I don’t think one month is bette than the other for Wahoo or BF. Some trips the blackfins are so thick they are nuisance. Other trips there may only be 10-15 caught. Wahoo there are usually one per trip. Sometimes a couple of them.
  4. tugasangler

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    It’s not a tuna and wahoo boat loll. It’s a bottom fishing boat . The ones we catch are just by catch. Speed jig at night or early morning to see if tuna are there or you’ll see one being gagged . If you already have a 80-100lb class rod and 50wide or bigger reel then bring it and if youre allowed to troll you can use it . Simple
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