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    I'm new to this whole tuna thing and cannot for the life of me figure this out: Why do people take there 50 class reels spool them up with 130# JB and use a 50# floro leader? I realize the smaller leaders are for leader shy fish but I guess my main question is why the "overkill" on the spectra? This has been stuck in my head for awhile and my only logically answer is they are set up for multi-purposes ie pulling AJs out of rigs? The reason I ask is because when I was looking into purchasing some new toys I was told my LXs wouldn't cut it for tuna so I bought a couple Avet Pro 50s (not that I'm complaining I always like an excuse for new toys) but if I can't put the full 50lbs of drag on the fish due to smaller leaders why not just stick with the LX??
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    I realize the smaller leaders are for leader shy fish but I guess my main question is why the "overkill" on the spectra?

    Check out the prices for 80 lb JB and then 130 lb JB. The 130 is priced cheaper and not too much bigger than the 80. Folks use it to save money.
    You can put any sized topshot on that you want to fish.

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    there are several reasons we spool the 50wides with spectre and then use lighter leaders to fish for tuna. the main one is line capacity in case you do get a larger tuna or even a smaller one with attitude. also for amberjack fishing i have even stepped my reels up farther. i have spooled them with 500 yards of jerry brown 130lb and then put about 200 yards of 200lb power pro on top of the jerry brown. this allows me to use all of that avets drags with out stressing my line. 1 of 3 things happens. 1 i get the fish away from the structure and fight it in open water. 2. i get back a set of amberjack lips or the hooks pull. 3 the fish wins and gets me into the structure and i get broken off......rick
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    you have to remember that an avet 50 has 50lbs of drag with freespool still available and 57lbs max drag. in all reality 50 lbs of drag could pull you out of the boat, break the rod or break your 130-200lb spectra. It also alows you to troll for big game with your 50W reels. with all the added capacity(weight and length) of the spectra you can tangle with a 500lb marlin and actually have a chance
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    I would agree with backing a 50 class reel with 130 # spectra.I spliced in about a hundred yards of 200# spectra, like McGolfer.It gives you complete flexibility on what size topshots you want to use.I don't agree with the advice that the Avet LX isn't suitable for tuna.The two speed JX & LX are fine for tuna up to 100#s.Both reels are highly recommended by the captains of the American Angler out of San Diego.However, if you're fishing in a location where the tuna are likely to exceed 100#s, you definitely would want to step up from the JX or LX size reels.
    Backlash Scott
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    One other reason to go with a larger reel is to minimize drag fade during a long fight or over many fights on a single trip. The drag output of larger reel (with larger drag surface area and greater metal mass to dissipate heat more quickly) at a given drag setting (during a single fight or over a series of large fish) should vary less than that of a smaller reel set to deliver the same drag poundage.