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Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by Uncle Russ, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    Just got my second jig rod--the 600 gram 5 1/2 footer and all I can say is "Wow." I checked out the label which stated maximum drag as "30 pounds". I strung up my ATD 12 with 100 pound JB, put a loop in it and looped that around a Chatillon scale. I set the drag lever at a low level and cranked the main lever up to max. I put a bend in the rod (although it wouldn't bend much) until the drag slipped. The rod's short length made if feel pretty easy. Then I went over and looked at the scale--and oops--38 pounds. I did it a couple more times with the garage door groaning like a tin factory about to explode and got the same result. I won't ever do that again, but I know the reel could take over 40 pounds without breaking a sweat.

    I can't wait to fish this rig on the Big E whenever it is we are supposed to be going out. It will be good taking fishing lessons from Kil and gman's son! I'm going to chunk with it.

  2. gman

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    ha ha ha I'm glad we have some passionate people here. I could visualize the whole event through that story. Russ you behind me about taking lessons, he doesn't share much LOL

  3. Formula4Fish

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    Me too!

    My 5' 6" 80# rod arrived today. I put a Hoo-X on it and tested it at 21# strike drag and 26# full drag. This rod looks like a perfect match!
  4. gimmedeal

    gimmedeal Senior Member

    Yep, it's gonna take the LARGER jigs to make these work good. Got one for the stella and am gonna get another for a 665 Accurate. Russ, you're supposed to work up to the top end on those lifts, not start out at the breaking point.
    I gotta tell this one on you. Remember in Venice when we were using your scale to set drags and thinking man we're pulling hard to set up the drags to 18 to 20 lbs? It turned out Russ was reading from the KG side of the scale that day. We got to loosen the drags up a little afterward. Rods were really bending that time.

  5. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    Fred, you dog. I hear you are under the weather. You need to get yourself well and quit standing out in the rain. As to the drag setting, like one of our former presidents, I acknowledge responsibility for that mistake with the scale, but deny any wrongdoing.

    With regard to the rod, I think I am going to have to have one of those bad boys for my Twinspin as well.

  6. Bellyups

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    Are you, Gman, and Ksong on the July 3-6 76 hour Big E trip? If so, Deep Blue Gulf and I will also be on the trip.
  7. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    Bellyup: This may sound wierd, but I'm really not sure which one I am on. The reason is that drifter signed us up and paid the deposit and he also paid a deposit for a November trip out of Venice that I am on. I cannot remember which is which. Also, I don't know whether we might be on a 52 hour on the Big E or the 76. I think TOO organized the trip. I guess I really ought to find out which trips I am on and what I am going to owe. I guess on the 76 hour trip, I might have to sleep :)

  8. rtran

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    TJ weighed the rod when I picked mine up yesterday. It weights a little over 15oz.
  9. Kneal

    Kneal Junior member

    Just got mine today.


    I've got to give OTI some credit. What an incredible rod.

    New to the forum but been reading and learning for awhile. Always wanted to fish the BigE but couldn't see the cost of new equipment. Met some guys here in DFW that have Offshore boats. We have some trips coming up at Freeport and decided to get what I need.

    I really want to thank you guys.

    Ive learned alot here and feel I can make intelligent decisions on what to buy.

  10. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Very cool photo.

    I know the feeling.

  11. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    Nice looking set up! :D

    Welcome to 360Tuna and we look forward to your first report!