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Angled rod holder for Big E trip

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Does anyone use an angled rod holder while on an offshore head boat trip? I'm thinking of buying one for my Big E 52 hr trips. It would hold my bottom fishing Avet 30 w/ SS rod allowing me to jig with another rod while waiting on the "big hit". The angled rod holder would fit inside the boat rail rod holder to give the rod an angle pointed maybe 35 degrees. Cabela's has a "Flush mounted rod holder combo" but the rod holder is made of a hard plastic type material - I couldn't trust it to hold my expensive rigs.

I'm looking for some recommendations based on what others use.

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I figured there might be an opportunity early morning when most fishermen might be sleeping that I could go to the bow - away from everybody - and set up a bottom rig while I continue jigging. Of course, if there's no room then I would certainly fish only 1 rod as I have no intention of interfering with anybody's fishing. Clearly if the Tuna bite is on, I'll be there with it!!! :)

Thanks for the feedback!
Sounds like it may not be possible to fish a second rod. Great suggestion TOO. I'll keep an eye open for an opportunity and be sure to discuss with those around me and the deskhands. Thanks!
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