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Angled rod holder for Big E trip

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Does anyone use an angled rod holder while on an offshore head boat trip? I'm thinking of buying one for my Big E 52 hr trips. It would hold my bottom fishing Avet 30 w/ SS rod allowing me to jig with another rod while waiting on the "big hit". The angled rod holder would fit inside the boat rail rod holder to give the rod an angle pointed maybe 35 degrees. Cabela's has a "Flush mounted rod holder combo" but the rod holder is made of a hard plastic type material - I couldn't trust it to hold my expensive rigs.

I'm looking for some recommendations based on what others use.

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The bow is crowded with Popper fishermen, a very popular spot. If you go to the bow, wear a helmet and take some ***** in case you get hooked.
If you really want to fish two rods(not recommended), the best place is on the middle of the boat on the chunking side.

If the tuna are biting, no one will be sleeping!

Tom - DBG

You might want to reword this, or is this a result of the google ads that showed up on your screen a while back? :D

Biggest problem on party boat charters, besides them just taking your money, is the large number of people equal crowed conditions. As mentioned, having an unattended rig while a bunch of folks fishing is asking for trouble. Just a fact of the party boat scene.

When they deep drop during the day, you might be able to have an unattended rig, if you discuss it with the folks fishing around you. Let them know what you would like to do and maybe offer to let them tangle with the second bite after you catch something really big. Talking to the others like that can get you an opportunity to fish like you were thinking. I've done that when I used to fish bluewater.

Done it several times on open trips; explained my idea to the fishermen around me and the deckies, had a heavy weight that held the bait straight down and offered to let the guys, and one time a woman, fishing near by to pull in any fish after I caught my "biggie".

Caught a nice AJ, and the next two bites were taken by others near by, both were broke off on the wreck we fished. The gal then caught a very nice 35 lb AJ after the two broke off!

All it cost me was some line and some conversation afterwards about what type of fish it was that broke the line, what to do to keep from breaking off, etc. Matter fact, one of the guys has become a regular customer of ours due to offering him a chance to pull on some mean thing down deep.

Communicate to the folks around what you would like to do, it may be feasible to a degree. Hope this helps!
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