Andamans March 2019

Discussion in 'International reports' started by Pope, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. PiePuncher

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    Pope, awesome trip bud! You have gotten grey over the years and your monster is old and looks like you!!!!
    Awesome report! Dude, I hope you are doing well and it looks like you are.
    We are getting old!
    I couldn't be more happy for you and the time you are spending with your son.
    Let the good times keep coming and hopefully I will see you around sometime.
    Lite-liner told me about your report and I wasn't going to miss it.
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  2. Pope

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    Thanks. We are getting older and it pretty close to being a replica. It’s sad to see him leaving home, but I’m glad he’s leaving on the terms of building his life with a solid footing.
    I’m down with getting together. I’d like to see your Frontosa tank!