Ambergris Caye, belize

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by jt2hunt, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. jt2hunt

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    my buddy has a house i can go down and stay in anytime. trying to find out about any charter captain advice on who to use, etc.

  2. Jrzrider83

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    If you are looking for flats fishing i would reccomend Abbie Marin. he has a company called "Go Fish Belize" that he runs with his father Carlos Marin. i fished with him last april and he was spot on. caught bone fish, permit, jacks, cuda's, reef fish and jumped a tarpon. almost all on the fly. he also does inshore reef and offshore fishing as well but i did not persue that route.
    let me know if you want any more info.

  3. longgar

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    I am so envious.. I love Belize. I have fished and dove with an outfit called Capt. Rons. I didn't really think the fishing was worth the money with them (reef fishing). The diving was a great experience and I loved the crew there. (Mr. Big and Chet) In all fairness, I think they just call someone in to take you fishing and it isn't their bread and butter. The are right in front of the new Phoenix condos.

    Not much help I know, but, maybe you can avoid them for your fishing needs.
  4. obtuseangler

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    I fished with Severo Guerrero ,two years in a row. He has both a flats skiff for skinny water and a panga for reef fishing and has fished these waters all his life.

    If you want a quiet guy that will put you on fish, he's your man

    you can contact him at email [email protected]