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Here it is. The last few days I have looked at more spinning reels than I care to. I came across a different type of reel. http://www.alveyusa.com The Alvey side cast reel.

Take this model for an example.

For Heavy Duty Surf Casting. Originally designed for Shark Fishing. 6 1/2" diameter large capacity fiberglass spool with a stainless steel frame and backplate. Multi-disc star drag system with additional discs, spool tension adjustment, anti-reverse / free-spool selector switch, fish alert ratchet clicker and greese cap for lubricating the spindle. Reel weight 47 oz. and capacity for over 900 yards of 30 lb. test line. Matches with the heavy action rods from 11 to 14 feet that have a short butt grip and foregrip that allows you to hold the rod in front of the reel.

My question is, do you think this reel could be used as a viable tuna rig?

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My Grand father has one of those reels. from Austalia, if I remember.
The one he has is about 50 yrs old but it's the same reel, just no plastic
kinda cool to revive an old memory
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