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Alutecnos Gorilla vs Shimano Torsa

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Given that these reels are very close in price. line capacity and weight - why do we see so many more Shimanos? Is it just their advertising? Is it the higher gear ratio?

I have not fished with either - and I've never fished with an Alutecnos period....but from the reviews of other Alutecnos reels I'm surprised I haven't seen more Gorillas.
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There's a difference between the Gorilla 12 and the Gorilla 12C right? What are the differences?
the 12c is made for jigging. has a narrower spool
FYi Guys in case you have not seen it - the Gorilla 12C has been updated since the original post.... the drag on the sideplate is now much flatter, the handle is (at the least the curved one) has been improved. Personally I like it, I do agree the TJ on several points including

1) a bit heavy but TOO heavy
2) a little slow on the drop - perhaps this can be improved on / tuned up ?

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12C is compact (narrow).

thanks, Ty :). at this point, having used both reels a little since my original post i have to say i prefer the alutecnos.

ok, good.
Thanks Ty.
I'll borrow it too. :)

No problem bro!

Hey Dan, how slow is it on the drop? BTW, I can't wait for my Gorilla 12C to come in. :D Let me know when you get it.
How wide is the spool of the 12C? I'm buying either the 12 or the 12C but I want to able to thumb the spool easily.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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