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Alutecnos Gorilla vs Shimano Torsa

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Given that these reels are very close in price. line capacity and weight - why do we see so many more Shimanos? Is it just their advertising? Is it the higher gear ratio?

I have not fished with either - and I've never fished with an Alutecnos period....but from the reviews of other Alutecnos reels I'm surprised I haven't seen more Gorillas.
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I own a Gorilla now, but never had a torsa (have or had owned trini's, kaikons, oceas). Having to spend an extra $40 or whatever it costs to get a special little cam ticked me off too, so no torsa.

The alutecnos is ridiculously well made. Every component is high quality and the reel is built like an absolute tank. The drag is super smooth as has been mentioned above.

One thing you need to get ready for is the freespool. While more than sufficient to pitch jigs away from the boat, this is not a reel with a light spool nor one that freespools forever like an Avet. These facts don't bother me in the least since I bought the reel to jig for tuna and snapper, not to flyline pilchards.

Also, the handle is not the best for jigging. I'm considering emailing them and seeing in the new Gorilla 20 handle will fit on the 12 (or they can make it fit for me). All that said, it'll work just fine for now. The only jigging handles I really like that come ready to go from the factory are handles on the 4000/5000 Oceas.

If you don't like the retail price of the Gorillas, just watch out on ebay. With a little patience you can pick 'em up for a price closer to a trini than a torsa :D .
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The freespool runs for about 13 secs with an empty spool regardless of the drag preset (and that's w/ a HEAVY spool). I just pulled the reel out to do this.

What kind of casting do you want to use it for? Like I said, pitching 150g+ jigs, it will do just fine. Lighter stuff like smaller live bait would be a non-starter, as would trying to cast jigs great distances, like w/ a surface iron. If you really want a lever drag you can cast, an Accurate Boss w/ cast control is tough to beat. A 665 would get you there, and you can go 2-speed and still come in way cheaper than a Torsa. Accurates have their shortcomings too, but I would still (and have!) buy them over a torsa any day of the week.
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