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Alutecnos Gorilla vs Shimano Torsa

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Given that these reels are very close in price. line capacity and weight - why do we see so many more Shimanos? Is it just their advertising? Is it the higher gear ratio?

I have not fished with either - and I've never fished with an Alutecnos period....but from the reviews of other Alutecnos reels I'm surprised I haven't seen more Gorillas.
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I have owned Alutecnos reel specifically their big game series 50W and its drag was the smoothest I've ever felt. However with that said, other than the price the torsa really is a work of art. The drag cam feature is wonderful and makes it a versatile reel.

I owned a Shimano Torsa 30 and there are many days I wished I hadn't sold it to Mr Bill ha ha. I loved that reel it was beautiful, versatile and a workhorse. I caught my largest red snapper of over 30 pounds on that reel, it was an epic battle where the fish went into the wreck and I waited it out until he moved and then he was done. The torsa made short work of him.

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damn Mr Bill thats thing is like Snapper-REX. What do you think it went. The one above was ounces from being 30
Another good reason to get them back down quick is all the damn satan dolphins, I hate those flipper bastards. Every single snapper that day would be eaten. They would huddle under the boat and pick off every damn short

I wanted a 50w so bad to lay a hurtin' on one. They are worse than dogfish up here once they find you your done
True story ...I took it back to POC intending on eating that thing when my friends asked me if they could have it skin mounted and hung in their POC Lodge. Its hanging on my friends lodge wall. There was a place right in POC that makes kick ass skin mounts although it took them about a year to complete

I liked my torsa but I was Itching for a 2 speed so I sold it

Your last two avatar images have been awesome the big hog AJ and now that wahoo
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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