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Alutecnos Gorilla vs Shimano Torsa

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Given that these reels are very close in price. line capacity and weight - why do we see so many more Shimanos? Is it just their advertising? Is it the higher gear ratio?

I have not fished with either - and I've never fished with an Alutecnos period....but from the reviews of other Alutecnos reels I'm surprised I haven't seen more Gorillas.
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I would love to say "how about i get a gorilla and compare" - but its a pretty hefty priced reel, so hopefully someone here has used it. It sounds like either way you've got a good reel. I've heard excellent things about that torsa.

Those are both monster snappers - nice work. glenn, did you keep that one? If so, how do the big ones taste as compared to those just over keeper size?


When you move back to the Philly area you are welcome to borrow my Gorilla 12.

12C is compact (narrow).

thanks, Ty :). at this point, having used both reels a little since my original post i have to say i prefer the alutecnos.

ok, good.
Thanks Ty.
I'll borrow it too. :)

No problem bro!

1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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