Alutecnos Albacore Gorilla 20? Anyone used it?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by RoyBoy, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. RoyBoy

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    Hi there all, I have ordered the Alutecnos Gorilla 20 for my heavy jigging outfit, I will spool up with PE#8 braid, and the main target will be YFT of the Western Cape in South Africa.........they are bruisers!

    Have any of you guys used this reel - I have seen the review on this forum
    for the Gorilla 12, but as yet nothing on the Gorilla 20.

    Thanks in advance - Cheers, Roy
  2. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    i think most guys here will use the 12 since it is plenty for the tuna caught around here.

    your tuna are up close to 200lbs though, right?

  3. VaRandy

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    Where can I learn more about the offerings of NZlander Chris Wong?
  4. RoyBoy

    RoyBoy Member

    Chris is based in Wellington - NZ, and is one of the most highly rated proponents of Jigging in the region.
  5. RoyBoy

    RoyBoy Member

    Well the Gorilla 20 arrived yesterday, and I am super stoked with the quality of it. Very VERY nice piece of engineering. Spooled up with YGK Ultra PE#6 86lb (thanks for the heads up Kil - I went with PE#6 rather than the 5 originally planned). Got 475m on the spool with space for more if ever required.

    Will post some pics when I get home tonight

    On Sunday it goes on the JigStar 450, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to mix it with some decent YFT over the next 3 weeks in Cape Town.

    Cheers, Roy
  6. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    If you target big tuna in 150 - 200 lbs range in South Africa, the 20 should do the job. However I recommend 12 for average tuna in 50 - 120 lbs tuna here as there is a big difference of sizes and weight between 12, and 20 and 12 has enough line capacity and stopping power for average tuna.

    For 150 - 200 lbs tuna, you need PE8 or PE10 instead of PE6 as the 20 has enough line capacity even for PE8 and PE10. Besides, don't believe YGK's claim that Ultra Jigman PE6's breaking point is 86 lbs. If you believe it, you are going to lose a nice tuna eventually as I did. :)


  7. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    I have my Gorilla 20 spooled up with Sufix 80 lb braid. I think that would fare better than YGK :D